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Buy printer supplies need to pay attention to several aspects

printer development so far, has entered the popular stage, whether it is business companies, institutions, individuals or families, can be seen everywhere in its presence. Some friends that bought the printer selection is a very difficult thing, but often will overlook another problem - supplies. As with the printer, buy printer supplies is inevitable, but this time you will find the original purchase to buy printer supplies more than a headache. Because supplies are now on the market, including the original supplies, general supplies, supplies three categories of fake, counterfeit consumables we Jiubuyongti, fake and no one will choose, but there can be said Longshehunza, consumers will inevitably pick dazzled. So we as an ordinary consumer, how to select the printer supplies it? Now, let Xiaobian to share with you experiences.

Choose printer supplies, generally from four major aspects to consider are: print, product quality , prices and costs, after-sales service.

printing is undoubtedly an important measure of a standard printer, the printer is to be used to print something, in addition to the performance of the machine itself, the printer supplies is undoubtedly affect the printing of an important part. In the original supplies, general supplies inside, the original printing supplies is undoubtedly the best, but this does not mean that GM is a mess printing supplies. There are many manufacturers of generic supplies to the international standards of technology, production and printing out of supplies in the area and little difference between the original supplies to meet the daily print work is no problem. In printing, the light is not enough to listen to the views of businesses, and consumers should buy some of the time field to see on-site print shop experience the effect, to decide which to buy supplies. Look at the time to note that printing color is now not only on the monomer, as well as print out the picture is fine, writing is clear and so on.

so-called product quality, is the quality of supplies of the product itself. This includes whether bleeds ink, nozzle blockage and other issues will arise. Because sometimes, in printing products that may be no problem, but may occur after long-term use color cast, print documents appear disconnected and so on. Usually the products of these problems are some sort of general supplies, and even some of the counterfeit consumables. Because this type of supplies, but off in production processes, or the use of substandard ink, could easily lead to clogging the print head, print quality and other issues, can lead to serious head injury, so equipment scrapped, so that users are not worth the candle. Therefore, when choosing supplies, make a good product quality is also very critical.

Consumables prices has been a topic of concern to most users, but also the most talked about topic, after all, printer supplies is a consumable, often need to buy, the supplies will determine the level of the price of printing costs much later. The issue price of the supplies can be said that their own merits. Original price of expensive supplies, but the print quality is good, the effect is guaranteed; general supplies in the price is not necessarily the industry standard, and some general supplies and original price difference is not great, and some general supplies very low price. However, the overall price point of view, the original price of the basic supplies are common supplies doubled or even more than doubled. Speaking of this, the user must pay attention to a problem is counterfeit consumables, it’s much cheaper than the market price, some unscrupulous businesses, through a variety of technical means of fraud, counterfeit supplies of these sources are basically recall the products, In the print quality of these products, the aftermarket is no guarantee.

is a consumable printer supplies, for the company or some business users who print large replacement are common, so sometimes encounter some supplies itself as improper use or operation reasons, resulting in occasionally lead plug, print disconnection fault. Usually solve these problems, users will turn to manufacturers of after-sales and technical support. Now printer manufacturers sell the time machine, where the user will be marked with instructions: "For the use of factory original supplies are not caused by machine problems, that any non-free maintenance." So, general supplies of consumer choice, should Know your purchase of general supplies manufacturers in the after-sales service is like, for example, there is no specific service center, there is no telephone service, providing not provide on-site maintenance services. Some users will use later in the printer 过了保修期 general supplies, anyway 过了保修期 maintenance costs money, it can try, but be careful to avoid to select some well-known is not high, there is no guarantee of a small workshop sale production supplies.


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