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Of compatible ink cartridges

printer supplies nearly 10 billion annual turnover. So for inkjet printer manufacturers, in order to keep Naizhi increase profits, the biggest problem now is not great efforts to develop new technology, constantly provide users with new products at the same time, relying on new technologies to increase profits, but to focus on Dajia on. In this fake war, the total capacity compatible ink was embarrassing. However, many also mentioned that those who purchase or soon to be compatible with the use of domestic supplies. With the exception of a few chips with no formal compatible ink supplies, the vast majority of cartridges are compatible with available supplies, without a nozzle can choose compatible cartridges and ink cartridge refill ink, and ink cartridge with a nozzle in addition to all other models outside the , you can only use the fill ink of. Use of compatible supplies does save costs, but a small fortune doing long-term numbers. Compatible high-voltage supplies in the original and counterfeit products flooding the double squeeze, to be tenacious to survive and develop this, in itself proof of the existence of their market value. Its role in promoting the development of ink-jet printer market, restricting the original cartridge profits, as well as to raise people’s environmental awareness has played an active role as a team can not be ignored market forces. Therefore, the attitude towards compatible ink should understand! Please before you use them and then look compatible cartridges.

with supplies, including inkjet printer supplies ink cartridges, ink, paper, film and many other categories. However, ink cartridges, ink supplies accounted for the majority, so it is referred to as consumables. The printer manufacturers for their support of various types of inkjet printer cartridges as the original designated supplies, supplies a clear identification with the original printer manufacturer is the same (such as EPSON, HP, CANON, LEXMARK, etc.). We are the factory standard (or TM) and the manufacturer is not the same for all types of ink cartridges, refill ink supplies, known as compatible, which is not related with the origin.

made compatible cartridge (Cartridge)
compatible cartridges on the market by more than twenty brands, fifty or more models, most of them EPSON, CANON and without a nozzle of the cartridge. Good quality ink cartridges, a regular production line, the system’s raw materials, supplies, testing, scientific process of arrangement and strict quality management, its unique point is that each type of ink cartridge with sponge and are individually tested and adjusted, large-scale production, 20 million or more per month. General quality of the ink cartridge, sponge and ink sets only. Production of different cartridges just a different casing, depending on the scale of production out of the cartridge can mold, are generally no more than a dozen. Poor quality of ink cartridges, usually purchased their own crude or carton, with a common sponge, nylon filters, and the lowest ink, these cartridges are used for making fake fake cartridges or provide to others, and very few to own brand sales. HP ink patent as part of the failure, HP’s ink cartridge with a nozzle has been seen in the market, there are mainly 51626A, 51629A.

Refill Ink (Refill inks)
look of this product are similar, within a plastic bottle packaging, interior ink, 15 ~ 30ml range, better product with more instructions and the corresponding filling tool, users inject the ink used on their own the original cartridge back into the machine can be used, method of filling a relatively simple, individual ink cartridges (such as EPSON) some of the cartridges) need to pay attention to the point of the ink technique . Some brands of ink known as an ink will be able to conquer the world (for all cartridges), which must not be believed, not the truth. Good quality ink will separate the EPSON, HP, CANON, LEXMARK, and COLOR, PHOTO and other product categories. Under normal circumstances such a cartridge can print results to accept the current weakness of most products in the ordinary ink on paper some of the edge of Yin, the black black enough, filled with individual color ink cartridges model after a slight color cast. Typically, users need to worry about their own can not add printer ink, from the types of point of view, the current fill ink covers almost all major brands of models of printer cartridges. Such as the big domestic manufacturers have their own tools for refilling, refilling now looks extremely simple and convenient.

compatible supplies and products seem to mind hanging a share, but it is frequently encountered in practice matter. When people use the factory supplies a nozzle block (which is commonplace), it is natural to accept, what will be a failure, or so many manufacturers to set up service stations do. However, if this time he’s with supplies, he is the first judge, not compatible supplies, how to block my head gave up. We and not to explore why people have such a mindset, just say, there is a mentality problem, even for ourselves, but also the attitude and correct.

compatible with what
supplies with supplies currently on the market the brand a lot, so that consumers know what to do. If you use poor-quality products, the risk is significant. The purchase of compatible supplies down from Jie Ying eliminates these concerns. But you can also choose to do conventional thinking: Select a professional manufacturer in the domestic distributor of brand strength or higher, choose complete support services, complete varieties and specifications of brand choice in the newspaper, word of mouth on forums and other media brand. Some brands of compatible supplies does not indicate the manufacturer and the address, there is no origin, no instructions in Chinese, but in the publicity material produced from xx countries presented the results to be, flowery, but are mostly imported from abroad, the variety specification is limited, there is no follow-up services, to buy such products greater risk.

what is false ink?
Fake cartridges are not compatible with the supplies, but now it is too rampant, and we can not talk about the. Fake cartridges in common is their original packaging with the same cartridge, or even real Nanbian, packaging the cartridge is varied. From the scale of sense, fake cartridges are divided into small-scale production and mass production, small-scale production is generally manually, including genuine cartridges with fake packaging boxes (this method is to use the drum for more), real box pretend cartridge, the recovery of the original cartridge recycling irrigation (in HP, Canon, Lexmark ink cartridge with a nozzle of the majority), etc., where the real and true cartridge from the printer box and more random cartridge, dealers swapped out by the printer . Small number of such fake cartridges, some of which are genuine, not the biggest hazard, including the original ink cartridges with ink after filling the regeneration cartridge because the ink can not judge the quality of higher risk. Currently on the market more than 80% of the fake cartridges is a large-scale mass production, most of the non-EPSON and CANON cartridge with a nozzle, and its packaging can be divided into Guangdong, Zhejiang, and several other versions, the more fine print, not with True cartridge contrast Nanbian authenticity. Built-in cartridges can be divided into third gear, high-grade products imported from Taiwan, the bare package cartridge, remove the original packaging and aluminum foil stickers; mid-range product is produced from domestic cartridges, only a few common species; worst provinces for workshops throughout the factory cartridge. Three fake cartridges in the first two do not harm, the third is definitely harmful, and lethal. Repair due to failure in the printer nozzle, the use of fake cartridges accounted for the majority, followed by the original cartridge, and finally compatible cartridges.


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