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Print server installed four-step get-yourself

print server installed in four steps - yourself get
The emergence of network print server printing or shared printing was carried out quite easily. However, the print server installation also need to pay attention, after all, it has a normal installation of many different printers.

print server is installed the first step

in the print server and set up a LAN between the physical "channel." If the print server is external, then take the cable straight into the mouth of its network connection, and then print the signal line will connect the print server and the printer just fine.

If the built-in print server, print server, as long as the card will be built directly into the printer slot on it. Then the network cable to the printer "acceptance" to the LAN.

print server installation step

according to different local area network operating system to install the appropriate communication protocol, and set network parameters. Under normal circumstances, you should install TCP /IP protocol, and print server "assigned" a single IP address; if the NOVELL network system, then you must also install the "IP /IPX" protocol; set up after the success of this step will automatically created in a LAN TCP /IP port number, you must write down the port number and IP address, because when you set up print sharing, need to use them.

for the print server "assigned" IP address, is through professional management tools to achieve, I suggest you use the print server randomly presented the best management tool to manage the print server. For example, hp 310x print server, you can use the hp web jetadmin6.2 tools.

print server install a third step

set print sharing. To allow other workstations in the LAN can access to the printer, you must be connected to the printer and print server, install the LAN on a single host, and can set the printer as shared.

in the installation, you can click "Start → Settings → Printers" command, and then double-click the "Add Printer" icon, when the installation wizard screen prompts you to install the "Local printer" or " network printer ", you must select" Local printer "(as shown), after all, the network print command, but also on the local host issue.

When the installation wizard prompts you to select the printer port interface, you must select the "Create a new port" option, and in the "type" at select "Standard TCP /IP Port", click " Next ", will appear the" Add Port "settings window will be in front of the input port number and IP address here.

and then click "Next", set the device type, after clicking "Finish" to complete the localization print server installed. Then you can on the server, set this printer as "shared" the.

print server installation Step

installed on other workstations in the network printer. Other workstations need to access the network printer, you can open the Add Printer Wizard screen, shown in the figure window, select "network printer", after the installation method and almost the same general way.


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