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General supplies allow users to have supplies using options!

necessities as office equipment, printing supplies each year for government procurement provides nearly billion market. But, in the past as a government user, follow the original supplies can only be the only option.
recent years, with the emperor, led a group of general supplies companies emerge, this pattern began to change. And general supplies and original regardless of whether renewable supplies, the price level, the comparison between good and bad quality, the China Computer Industry Association supplies special committee president, Rite Holdings Limited Arnald Ho, chairman of view, China’s General supplies business of the industry’s biggest contribution is - the supplies back to the user the option to use

4 months of Beijing, the sun was shining. Rite Holdings Limited and Chairman of Arnald Ho reporter sitting across discourse reveals a joy, "Now, we serve more and more a new class of very important customer - that is, printing supplies can really understand, to reason Select the supplies, to purchase and use of approved general supplies and government users. "

"Initially, the emperor’s use of printing supplies to face the major users in three ways: one is not know what supplies to use for the right to choose, and the other one is aware that they have the right to choose but it does not pay attention to the last one is aware of and attention to this option, but may not have scientific support of the procurement system. "

this negative situation is changing. According to the reporter, following the December 2008, Zhuhai, general supplies to the country issuing the first "pass", the present, according to incomplete statistics, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hunan, Shandong, Shaanxi and other provinces and cities have more than ten general supplies will be included in the Central Purchasing catalog, a separate sub procurement.

for the procurement of supplies sub-loose "tied"

necessities as office equipment, essential supplies, but has not been given due attention , especially in the largest single government procurement, it’s single purchase amount is small, but the total amount is very alarming.

government procurement each year for the printing supplies offer a nearly billion market in the nearly 10 billion market, the original supplies and general supplies battle has not stopped, but the market is basically in the original supplies monopoly.

in the previous implementation of government procurement in the procurement of equipment and supplies bound, which simply do not make General Supplies short-listed opportunities.

"What brand of printer to buy, Which on the use of the original printing supplies." This is common in consumer spending habits, not for quality assured general supplies, printing supplies in the market do not understand the profit model, and some manufacturers of printing equipment, technical barriers, general supplies market in the early stages of opening up government seems difficult.

"But we are confident that, after all, general supplies relative to the original material has its own incomparable advantages. "Arnald Ho told reporters that the first is the price, do not carry general supplies and printing devices to pass the profits, and because more specialization, to save costs; Second, general supplies from the outset, paying more attention to environment protection and energy, advocacy and practical effect of the reflected more renewable features sought after by many consumers.

Arnald Ho believes that "global financial crisis is a general supplies for the opportunity, regardless of the financial crisis is the company or the government needs to save money while saving energy in stimulating domestic demand and the concept of double effect, the government in the procurement of supplies is also on the attitude has changed a lot, especially the implementation of sub-procurement supplies. In some provinces and cities now have to do subcontracting, we have reason to believe that the remaining provinces and government departments will actively follow up the sub-procurement. "

In the interview, the reporter could feel the emperor’s government procurement of general supplies in the market’s optimism.

by demand not by the brand sub

will be individually sub-supplies purchasing, general supplies for the company which is undoubtedly a strategic significance of the step.

to purchase a separate sub, which means that government users can have their own choice, that according to their own demand, consumption, a reasonable level for deployment. For general supplies companies, but also a symbol of original material can be, and the opportunity to compete with Taiwan companies.

Arnald Ho introduced to bring the effect of sub-procurement is very direct, to the emperor, for example him Following the first emperor in December 2008 in Zhuhai government procurement door open, then, the emperor in 2009 in Anhui, Hunan, Shandong, Shanxi, Tianjin and other 15 provinces and cities have had gained. Recently organized the 2010 Zhuhai supplies supply agreement bidding, the highest score winning the emperor Youyi.

the same time, general supplies companies for government procurement market also has its own expectations, Arnald Ho believes that such expectations mainly There are two points: first point is very important to purchase a separate sub, no sub-division of the second point is the brand.

It is understood all over the country to purchase supplies separate sub-provinces, most of the supplies into the original supplies and brand supplies. And it is easy to general supplies and supplies original placed on the platform, unfair competition, general supplies companies want to bid can only be a pressure on price pressure, not suitable for general supplies industry’s long-term development.

He cited an example that, as with the computer printing supplies should have a standard, such as oil volume, height, index and a series of indicators. Printing supplies is printing supplies, general supplies and original consumables for the same package competition. As long as it applies to a particular printer, the monthly output how much printing is so, just as car fuel, as well as long as the development of a standard gasoline, without distinction Which gas station is the original oil, oil Which is the same general .

Reporters learned from some of the original supplies manufacturers now sell printers do not make money, they think that by earn profits selling supplies nothing wrong.

"The reason why there is such a sound, first proved, does shift the consumption process supplies a printing device profit; Secondly, it is printing equipment market has formed a unique profit model, but this model does not force consumers to pay, but the production of their own need to make adjustments. "

"to use the supplies back to the user’s right to choose, this is the choice of the market, will also be The most scientific and rational choice. "Arnald Ho says.


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